Monday, August 4, 2014

The Writer's Conundrum

What to do when you have so many good ideas, and not enough time in the day? 

Writers have to deal with a lot of issues. For many of us, just completing a novel or a concept is a major "issue." Then there is the whole "getting published" aspect that can be a bit of a struggle (just a bit... LOL), or the whole reading books and staying in-tune with the business side of things that can weigh a writer down. Even though I could spend time on each of these "issues," these are not the topic(s) for today.

What conundrum am I referring to? The one I struggle with the most often is what to do when I have a lot of good ideas. Which one should I work on? Should I finish one before starting another? Oooooh, but the idea is so good! I've just got to write it down! I am currently sitting on about five unfinished novels (I know, I'm not proud of that number). These novels range from almost done (around 200 pages each), to mid-way "burn-out" (around 75-100 pages each), and one has the first chapter written (it's a great first chapter though).

Sometimes I get the advice to work on the one that is calling to me. Problem is that ALL of them are great and have potential and "call" to me. See? That is why it's a conundrum. However, I think it's a pretty good conundrum to have. So, how do I tackle this challenge?

1. Finish one novel at a time.
This is a must, but it's so hard! I do not follow it ALL the time, but I do try.
2. Compartmentalize time.
If I want to research for one book or work out a chapter on another, sometimes it helps to divide up sections of time to working on these aspects. It helps to keep stories fresh. However, I do always try to have that "one" that I'm finishing to be a top priority.
3. Send my one WIP to critiquers. This will keep my focus to the one novel that needs to get finished.

Now, I'm off to write. Which one should I work on?? ;-)


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