Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still raining...and my lack of Green Thumb...

It was supposed to be sunny. But my flowers in my front lawn are loving this rain! I still have living flowers; it's quite amazing. See...I have no green thumb. It's true. My thumb is whatever color fits the description "kills all my plants but not on purpose just because I'm an idiot". My hubby bought me a potted flower plant for Mother's Day. It was beautiful. I accidentally left it out on a cold night and it got frosted. Two Mother's Days ago, my hubby and my son bought me two beautiful trees to plant in our front yard. One was an apple blossom tree and the other was a silver maple. They were beautiful. The deer (rats with long legs) ate them both. I bought a pretty rose bush, and some animal ate that down to the nubs (I did see some growth this spring though, so maybe there's hope for the roses). See what I mean?? I think when plants see me at the store I'm like that little girl from Finding Nemo. The plants quiver in fear, praying that I don't select them. Knowing that if I do, imminent death will follow.

Howbeit, I have a lilac bush I planted six years ago that's growing beautifully, and these yellow flowers that come back every year. I'm holding my breath on the rose bush. Maybe there's life left in her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loving each other

I just got back from a dear friend's viewing. My heart caught as I paid my respects to one of the sweetest people I ever knew. It made me realize how I never told her how much her optimism and nurturing spirit meant to me. What do we want to say but never do?

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. How many times have friends/family listened to me complain? Have I ever stopped to say "thank you for being an ear to hear and a shoulder to care". Where do I start? Maybe my hubby. It seems I'm exceptional at nagging. But when he does do stuff for me (with no nagging required), do I stop and notice? The fact of the matter is he's a great guy who loves me and the kids. And trust me, sometimes I'm quite unlovable. Then there's the kids. And my mom. And my sisters. And my brother. And my dad. And my friends. And...And...And...

See what I mean?

I guess I'm resolved to learn a valuable lesson here. Instead of being critical, instead of finding fault, I will resolve to speak words in love. To be optimistic. To encourage others. To appreciate every precious moment God gives me to be with the people I love.

So to all of you reading this...thanks. In whatever way I know, I'm a better person for it. (I'm sure of it!;-))


Welcome to my wonderful world...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This blog is a culmination of the many musings that go on in my head. Like right's raining outside and is rather chilly and I love it. It makes me want to grab a blanket and a good book, curl up on the couch, and read. Until I fall asleep. It's also the smell. The beautiful earthy scent that reminds me that spring has sprung.

Do you love the rain? Not on Saturdays. There should be a rule of nature that rain doesn't happen on Saturdays. Saturday is about ball games and hot dogs and garage saling. We need sunshine and warmth for days like that. Actually if I'm honest with myself, I love sunshine more than rain. Well, I guess I mean I love sunshine and warmth over snow and cold. That's why I travelled to Florida TWICE this past winter. In Gaylord, it snows from November through March and even into April. It's mind-numbing grayness that leaves me feeling bleak and withdrawn. These traits are not good. No sir. So I pack my bags and travel south. It's my drug of choice. Forget speed, pot, nicotene, or even alcohol. Give me sunshine. Buckets and buckets full. Give it to intravenously if need be.

But, see, now I'm off topic. Right at this moment, I love the rain. Maybe because tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny.