Friday, March 28, 2014

Research, Submit, Research, Submit....

So, I've been researching agents, trying to figure out who's who in the land of agents and books. I've created a tentative list of ten agents that I think would be excellent for my work and that would fit well with me. The hard part is hitting that "submit" button.
But no one said it was easy. And nothing will happen if I don't hit that button. So, I submitted my queries. Now I nervously chew on fingernails until I start hearing back from them.

One last thing, there is a new #15 Dear Lucky Agent Contest for young adult writers. Go to Guide to Literary Agents blog and check it out.

Until next time...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm BAAACCCKKK! And ready to submit!

Hey everyone! I'm BAAACCCKKK!
Where've I been....these last, oh I don't know, two years? Time flies, doesn't it?

I have had a crazy time in the land of agents. First, Marissa left the business (we still keep in touch). I was reassigned to Rachel Coyne at Fineprint. These last two years have been with her, and it's been a roller coaster ride, to say the least, and my books have yet to be sold. Then, I just found out that Rachel is leaving the business. So, here I am.

That's all right. The journey to publication is a long and arduous process, and I'm not one to give up. I decided that I've used the excuse of being "too busy for a blog" for too long. Writing is therapeutic, and I want to write to all of you about how tough this writing business can be. So, stay tuned.

First things first, I am entering Writer's Digest Lucky Agent contest (number 14)! I'm going to submit my pages for my middle grade novel I worked on with Marissa. If you write Middle Grade, give it a look-see. A critique from an agent would be dy-no-mite!!

Until next time!