Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loving each other

I just got back from a dear friend's viewing. My heart caught as I paid my respects to one of the sweetest people I ever knew. It made me realize how I never told her how much her optimism and nurturing spirit meant to me. What do we want to say but never do?

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. How many times have friends/family listened to me complain? Have I ever stopped to say "thank you for being an ear to hear and a shoulder to care". Where do I start? Maybe my hubby. It seems I'm exceptional at nagging. But when he does do stuff for me (with no nagging required), do I stop and notice? The fact of the matter is he's a great guy who loves me and the kids. And trust me, sometimes I'm quite unlovable. Then there's the kids. And my mom. And my sisters. And my brother. And my dad. And my friends. And...And...And...

See what I mean?

I guess I'm resolved to learn a valuable lesson here. Instead of being critical, instead of finding fault, I will resolve to speak words in love. To be optimistic. To encourage others. To appreciate every precious moment God gives me to be with the people I love.

So to all of you reading this...thanks. In whatever way I know, I'm a better person for it. (I'm sure of it!;-))


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  1. wow this is great! and so true. I am a believer of stopping and noticing the little things, something that I am very proud to have passed down to my 11 year old daughter, not taking things for granted, appriciating what you have, having good manners, the basics. I am sure your friend knew how you felt.

    I am a blog-a-holic...I love reading them, and and also have my own. So I am excited and will be stopping in:) and add you to my list of readings...