Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Venture...or is it?

Two weeks ago I had the immense privilege of attending Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference. It was fabulous, dream-affirming, life-changing. 

First of all, I met the most amazing people. All of whom were eager to help in whatever capacity they could. That was a good thing. Even though I am not new to writers' conferences, this was a different branch of writing, and I found myself unsure.
I had taken a nonfiction book proposal. It was about a topic that I felt needed to be written about, mostly because I've experienced it a lot. I was unsure because I normally write fiction, so nonfiction was a whole new ballgame.
Not only did I get the advice and direction I needed, I also received some interest from industry professionals.
I left the conference full to the brim and excited, once again, about this writer's journey.

So, what will it be?
Fiction or Nonfiction?
Image result for changing course
Hmm... I've got to talk to my agent about this!

Not only that, but I have an awesome NEW website! It's simply!
You can't mess that one up! Check it out...

Lastly, come here each Monday for MONDAY MEET-UPS. It's another new venture I'm taking where I will bring to you interviews and advice from industry professionals (authors, agents, editors). Learn the ropes with me from the best of the best!

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  1. Hey, there's always fact-based fiction! Go for the mash-up. (grin)